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Cypress Bridge Candle Co.



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Are you serious about your scented wax melts??? Do you hate running out of your favorite melts too soon??
We have the product for you!! 
Get some MONSTER MELTS and you won't run out very quick! 

Made right here at Cypress Bridge Candle Co!! 

10+ oz

Want to make your already strong melts even stronger and last longer?

Get the option of matching a Refresher Oil  Just "refresh" your melted wax to your liking by adding some oil drops! 

Why do you want the matching oil????

Our melts are made with food grade paraffin and soy wax! We only use the highest premium scent oils and a lot of it! Our scent oil to wax ratio is the highest in the market but you can only scent it so much! Soooo..... we came up with way to re-scent your melted melts that eventually doesn't have any more of that great strong scent! So, don't toss your wax in the trash just yet - add some of the matching oil to refresh! Makes your melts last longer!!!! 

As you choose your wax melt, add the "matching oil" option  right after! We will know on your order that you want the matching order for the melt that you just ordered! If you need us to know anything different, just message us on Facebook! 

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