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Cypress Bridge Candle Co.

Scent of CB “CHIPPED™” Chippy Top Jar Candle or Mason Jar

Scent of CB “CHIPPED™” Chippy Top Jar Candle or Mason Jar

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A candle that’s never the same twice!

Our CHIPPED™ candle easily occupies the NO.1 spot at our 21 year, family owned candle and home decor shop!

Our customers have wanted a candle that smells like our shop when they walk in! The scents of our store is a combination of many from all the poured candles already in the floor and any we might be pouring at the time, and we are always pouring different batches of scents everyday! 

So….We designed a candle that matches that experience!

As you can see, there are CHIPS inside this candle! 
Each chip is a different color and a different scent!! Each candle poured will be different and unique every time! The proprietary blend of white overpour is the only one consistent part of this candle. It remains the same every time and is our original SCENT OF CB aroma!

As your candle burns and melts the individual chips, you will experience multiple aromas the whole way through!!

“Chipped™” - Scent of CB! ( #1 selling candle )

Chippy Top jar is 17+ oz 

mason jar is 12+ oz

Made right here at The Scent Market at Cypress Bridge Candle Co!! 

“Smells just like our store!”

Premium Candles made with a proprietary wax blend and one of the highest scent throws in the market! 

Made in small batches right here in our shop in Abilene Kansas! 

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