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Cypress Bridge Candle Co.

PUMPKIN SOUFFLE hand blended POTPOURRI + Matching Spray Refresher

PUMPKIN SOUFFLE hand blended POTPOURRI + Matching Spray Refresher

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PUMPKIN SOUFFLE - A rich pumpkin flavor blended with a fruity bouquet of cherry and mimosa as well as fresh nutmeg, clove, and cinnamon finished off with nuances of caramel, sweet brown sugar, and vanilla. Delicious!

Each year we hand blend our potpourri and so individual items used may vary in style and may slightly look different from year to year! However, we strive to always "match" the look of the potpourri with the scent used and promise that it will look AWESOME!!

Fill your home with freshly blended scented Pumpkin Souffle potpourri!!!! Made right here at our store! 

Famous Hand Blended and Super Scented Botanical Potpourri that we make every season!! 

Plus a 1oz spritzer bottle of pure scented oil in the matching scent to keep your potpourri strong all season!! 

Just choose your favorite oil from the drop down menu! 

10 oz potpourri (about 6 cups) and 1oz scent oil spritzer



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