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Cypress Bridge Candle Co.



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Are you sick and tired of buying wax melts so often because they don't seem to last? Even the good ones? Are you tired of NEVER finding the scent that YOU want? We have a solution to your problem! UNSCENTED WAX + THE SCENT OIL OF YOUR CHOICE! 

Sometimes, even here at the store, we can't always have all the wax melts poured in everything that customers might want - so we came up with UNSCENTED WAX MELTS + OIL of choice! 

Did you know that it is the scent oil that "cooks" off while you are enjoying your melts? This solution just lets you put it back in! 

Don't be tempted to just use the oil though! If it does not have the wax to slow the "cook", you will end up with the same problem! It doesn't last! Company coming?? and you are looking for a quick scent throw and want the oil to scent immediately, just add it first, then wax second! 

Your unscented wax comes with a 1oz  Scent Oil with a Dropper Top of your choice to scent your wax to your liking! Start with a few drops and add more if needed!  

3+oz package unscented wax melt + oil of your choice!


If you do not see the scent you are looking for, just message us or call us to see if we carry that scent! If we do, we will add to the list here!
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